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It does not belong in the paragraph. The basic skills for writing an outline are the same, regardless of what grade students are in. However, in fifth grade students are just starting to practice their persuasive writing skills, and the outlines they create should be simple and to the point. Brainstorm the topic. Students should be encouraged to create mind maps, free write or take notes to think through the topic idea and determine what they might like to say.

Brainstorming can help students to settle on their thesis, or main idea, which will guide the paper and the outline. Step 2. Write a large Roman numeral I at the top of a piece of paper or on a note card. It is also modeled after a research. It is also modeled after a research report I did in th grade. Yes folks, that was in 1988, and I still have it. The rubric for grading that my teacher used was helpful in creating the checklist for this assignment.

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