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Welcome to Free Paper DollsWelcome to our free paper dolls website. Do paper dolls make your heart go pitter patter. I had a few sets of the paper variety during my childhood, which I always greatly cherished.Even today, they are inexpensive and easy to store and transport. You can print them and collect them, share them with the children in your life, create craft projects with them, and even play with them yourself. These sets will include many from the 1950s, 19s, and other eraThese are all of our free printable paper dolls on one page.

We think that the PDF format for each set is probably the easiest way for you to print them. We welcome your feedback if you have a better suggestion on how to present them. For each set that we list here there is also a page with that set under either By Decade or By Publisher or both. Those are jpg images that you could also copy and paste or make a copy of to your computer.We do ask that you do not sell these pdf files as your own on eBay, Etsy or other sites.

We offer them here for free for your enjoyment and pleasure as a goodwill gesture. We would hate for somebody to charge for something that we are offering without cost. Please let us know if you see anybody using our PDFs in this way. We would really appreciate it.There are so many things you can do with these printable paper dolls. You can use them with young children for developing vocabulary and fine motor skills.

Older children will enjoy practicing their colouring and cutting out skills, and deciding on the best outfits to wear. Paper dolls are always great for imaginative play. And they are so easy to print out in advance and have ready for a bored moment, or perhaps a car journey or rainy day on holiday. Paper Dolls for Younger Children. More Paper DollsNEW. A blushing bride and a handsome groom, in colour or black and white. Wedding Paper DollsNEW. Two pretty fairy paper dolls with extra clothes and accessories, in colour and black and white.

FairyPaper DollsPrincess paper dolls (and their beautiful wardrobes) in colour and black and white. Today, many artists are turning paper dolls into an art form. Please visit OPDAG, The Original Paper Doll Artists Guild for A Complete History of Paper Dolls. Content provided on this site is for entertainment or informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical or health, safety, legal or financial advice. Click here for additional information. My sisters and I would spend hours cutting out our dolls and searching through magazines for cute pictures of clothes.

These vintage ones have such a classic charm to them, but there are ones for the modern and stylish type of girl, too. The Dot and Roscoe paper dolls are a personal favorite because they come with the girl, her pup and a story. Introduce a little girl to the world of paper dolls witThese are all of our free printable paper dolls on one page. Download paper dolls and clothes files for the little girls in your life.Printed on a color inkjet paper, these colorful and fun crafts are ready to cut out and play with.Print out your selections on a black and white printer, and your children will have the fun of coloring or painting their dolls and clothes any way they choose.There are modern printable paper dolls, as well as vintage dolls and clothes that are reminiscent of past generations.

Big sisters and moms will enjoy playing with these great toys, which are inexpensive and can be reproduced again and again. Paper DollsChoose from 25 paper dolls that you can download and print for free. Choose from boy dolls, girl dolls, ballerina dolls, cheerleader dolls, and more. Introduce a little girl to the world of paper dolls witPaper dolls are useful and fun on so many levels. Princess Paper DollsPrint.

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