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So, here you are, looking for your first job. Congratulations, this is a big step in your life. You probably know by now that you need a resume to get a job but unsure how to set it out and what to include. I will assume it is not a whole lot, and give some basic information first. General informationResume is a document that summarizes your experience, skills, and other information. The purpose of a resume is to demonstrate that you are a perfect candidate for a position you are applying for.

A resume is written by you, not by someone else. It should be formal, professional, and relevant. Below is a Functional Resume Example to use as a template when you apply for your first job. The resume uses the Functional Resume Layout as this format puts less emphasis on your work experience and focuses more on your skills. This is followed by an educational background and professional experience.

For the professional experience leverage any work you have done before and while in college (part-time jobs, internships, etc).

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