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See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Ideally, each report should be tailored to the individual very carefully. However, there are certain portions of each report that are likely to be reused and a bare-bones report template will save time without necessarily leading to a mechanical approach to writing.My template has evolved considerably since graduate school and is likely to continue to evolve. This led to the happy discovery that using headings makes quick navigation between sections much easier.

I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist. My specialistfield is psychological trauma an area within which I have workedover the past seven years. Description: The course professor for C7548, Diagnosis and Treatment, provides an example case formulation for the childhood survivor of trauma who is now suffering from the dual disorder of PTSD and addiction. The clinician uses CBT methodology. A leading CBT Theorist, Albert Ellis, has developed an enriched CBT model called Rational Emotional Behavioral Therapy (REBT).

The symptoms of PTSD are divided into 3 symptom clusters: reexperiencing, avoidance, and hyperarousal. In addition, trauma survivors often experience guilt, dissociation, alterations in personality, difficulty with affect regulation, and marked impairment in ability for intimacy and attachment. 1,2 Disorders comorbid with PTSD include depression, substance abuse, other anxiety disorders, and a range of physical complaints.

3,4. Over the past several decades, considerable progress has been made in the development and empirical evaluation of assessment instruments for measuring trauma exposure and PTSD as well as related syndromes, such as acute stress disorder. The measures that have been d.

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