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Choosing a Creative Course. Search here for the right course to give you a head start in the creative industries. Tick CoursesWe award the Tick to courses that can prove they connect with industryand which teach professional skills that make sure you graduate work-ready.Search here for the right course to give you a head start in the creative industries. Search for courses on Hiive. Our new Developing Creativity training course was designed to help you bring back your inner child and access the creative thinking process you were born with.In this course participants will be exposed to techniques like mind-mapping, using gamification, using positive affirmations, confronting negative thoughts and ways to remove mental blocks.

Cost cutting and staff reductions have their limits, creative accounting is harder to get away with, mergers and acquisitions are harder to find, and so on.What remains for most organisations to create above average growth and earnings is real innovation. You will develop creative thinking skills, mentally and physically prepare for creativity, incorporate innocence, intuition, and adventure into creative thinking, and use creativity to generate ideas and solve problems.

The course provides exercises that can be used to prepare the mind and body for creative thinking and explains the most common ways creativity is incorporated into problem solving.Course activities also examine recruiting and retaining creative individuals, performing a creativity audit, communicating with creative people, defining creative rhythm, and exploring ways to implement a creative culture.

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