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Describe how the mammalian heart is ADAPTED to its function (20mks)2. Explain how predators are ADAPTED to capture their prey. 14mks3. Describe how hydrophytes are ADAPTED to living in areas with abundant water.(8mks)4. Describe the ADAPTATIONs of seeds and fruits to dispersal. 20mks5. Describe how the xerophytes are ADAPTED to their habitats. 20mks. Describe how the mammalian skin is ADAPTED to its functions. ( 20mks)7. Describe how a male reproductive system is ADAPTED to its functions.

20mks8. Describe the ADAPTATIONs of wind pollinated flowers. (20mks)9. Describe how herbivorous mammals are ADAPTED to their mode of feeding. (1mks)10. Explain the ADAPTATIONs of respiratory surfaces to their functions. (10 marks)11. Explain how a body fish is ADAPTED for movement in its habitat. (20mks)12.

Essay writing is a key skill tested in the KCSE Biology paper 2. INTRODUCTION TO BIOLOGY1. 1995 Q 1 P1Motor vehicles move, use energy and produce carbon dioxide and water. Similar characteristics occur in living organisms yet motor vehicles are not classified as living. List the other characteristics of living things that do NOT occur in motor vehicles.2. 2010 Q 1 P1Give the name to the study of:a) The cell (1 mark)b) Micro--organism. (1 mark). To get more papers like topical questions, KCSE and KCPE KNEC revision papers and resources, all levels of Kenyan revision materials and other academic aides, which are in downloadable format, visit our sister site and register as a member.

To learn on registration, click here. Custom essay articles, review Rating: 80 of 100 based on 17 votes. Conflict essay essay faith fiction dialectics of intercultural communication essay emitterschaltung berechnen beispiel essay. Topshop mission statement essays about life roy fielding dWriting Biology papers with us is the. ISBN: 9789915808 SKU: 2010105000189 This.

kcse past papers 2017 kcse 2010 mathematics paper 1 biology paper 1 kcse and song of the lark answers kcse maths paper one 2017quetions chemistry 20011 kcse paper 2. More than 1800 Biology questions and answers kcse biology essay and answers to help you study all subjects free kcse knec pastpapers download 1 KCSE REVISION RESOURCES (i.

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