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It most often occurs in the lower spine ( lumbosacral area). In some cases, this may lead to your spinal cord or nerve roots being squeezed. This can cause back pain and numbness or weakness in one or both legs. In rare cases, it can also lead to losing control over your bladder or bowels. Spondylolisthesis Symptoms and Causes VideoAs the facet joints in the spine degenerate they often get larger, which can encroach upon the spinal canal that runs down the middle of the spinal column, resulting in spinal stenosis.

Spondylolisthesisis a spinal condition that affects the lower vertebrae (spinal bones). Thisdisease causes one of the lower vertebras to slip forward onto the bonedirectly beneath it. This is a painful condition, but it is treatable in mostcases. Both therapeutic and surgical methods may be used. Proper exercisetechniques can help you avoid this condition. Symptoms of Spondylolisthesis. The symptomsof spondylolisthesis vary. See a doctor right awSurprising Health Benefits of SexHow would you like a stronger immune system or better sleep.

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