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You might be wondering about average AP scores, or what good AP scores are for certain classes. Or if you are thinking about taking AP exams in the future, you might want to know which exams have the highest passing rates.In this post, we will break down the average score for each AP test, as well as the average passing rate. We will also show you how to interpret this info and how to use it to make decisions about your schedule.Average AP Score By TestInstead of giving you an overall average score for all AP tests, we will show you the average score for every AP exam.

We break it down by test because every AP test is different. Descriptions of each can be found below — use them to gain invaluable insight into your AP program. Available in both PDF and Excel formats, the reports include detailed data separated into a number of categories that can be used to evaluate relative performance during a single school year or over a span of years.These data also show how participation in the AP Program has grown, which exams are taken by the greatest number of students, which states have increased the number of students taking AP Exams, which colleges receive the greatest number of AP Exam scores and much more.Summary reportsThe following reports provide a broad overview of AP Program participation.

More about the data.

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