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The Hunger Games begins on the day of the reaping in DistrictThis page shares a full list of book summaries I have compiled during my reading and research. I have tried to summarize each book on this page in just three sentences, which I think is a fun way to distill the main ideas of the book. If a particular book sounds interesting to you, click on the full book summary and you can browse all of my notes on it.These book summaries are not organized by category, so you might find a self-help book followed by a business book followed by a psychology book.

Silences, interruptions, technical issues, and cultural differences can all add a degree of difficulty to hosting any kind of virtual meeting. Business, Harvard. Because a single hiring decision has the potential to significantly affect a business both economically and culturally, it should not be done in haste. Instead, an employer should approach both the hiring and firing processes with plenty of planning and research. Tracy, Brian. America currently faces a crisis of skilled workers in the fields of science, technology, and engineering.

While the trillion-dollar economy of Silicon Valley represents About UsSoundview provides the solution to the ongoing problem of information overload. Through our 8-page business book summaries, author webinars, and video interviews with executives in top companies, Soundview helps business professionals maximize their time while gaining essential business intelligence. Subjects covered include leadership, management, marketing, sales, career development, innovation, and more - and all content is mobile-ready.

Team SubscriptionsAllow your team to adapt, evolve, and thrive - together. Large selection, very user friendly, high quality content, and by far the least expensive of all the paid options.4. Farnam Street: A blog by Shane Parrish with excerpts from various books. Just keep on reading. reading. and reading. The current list of summaries is here.The community is open to everyone. WikiSummaries and its contributers have the goal of helping to bring knowledge to the world, for free, and even you can help.

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