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Improve Your Written EnglishWrite frequently, in a wide range of formal and informal situations.Get the most out of your dictionary by understanding how to use it correctly. You can use a good English dictionary to find words, for meaning, for pronunciation, to check your spelling and to understand explanations.Copy out short passages of English text from newspapers, magazines or books.Try dictation exercises.

You can do this online or get friends to read out text for you to write and then check your writing - concentrate on spelling and punctuation.There are many forums on the net, find one about your interests or hobbies. Observe the niceties of forum use, and apologise if you think you have made any mistakes.Use a blog to create a diary about your life. Write it in English and if you have a thick skin, ask for feedback.

Take your time to really enjoy the experience.There are many ways to improve your level of English, but only you can find the right way for you. We use ad-blockers as well, you know. Luckily, there are a variety of free online courses(MOOCs) available for all types of writers and aspiring writers.Note: Not all of these courses are available.

Simply choose a task, write or upload your text and submit your writing for feedback. Then try again and use the feedback to improve. But improving your writing ability is a little trickier. Using regular writing exercises with your students will help improve their creative and analytical writing skills immensely. Academic writing can be very different from other types of English writing you may have done in the past.

We have developed this course to help you learn the basics of academic writing and develop your English skills for study in the UK, US, Australia or other countries where English is used.This course will provide you with a brief introduction to academic writing, enabling you to gain an awareness and understanding of some key features of this kind of writing. We will teach you how to organise an essay, use academ.

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