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If I am not explain how you got the correct answer please. Popular Algebra Textbooks See all Algebra textbooksup to:1000goldAlgebra 1 Common Coreup to:800goldAlgebra 1, Common Core Editionup to:800goldAlgebra 1: A Common Core Curriculumup to:300goldSpringBoard Algebra 1up to:300goldAlgebra 1: Homework Practice Workbook. Just out of curiosity, in my district you take algebra 1 in 9th grade. Best Answer: Im in 8th grade and im taking algerbra 1 too. There is also a girl in my class who is in 7th grade and taking Algerbra 1.

An average student would be taking pre-algerbra. But we arent because were smart like that:) Where I live Algerbra is generally taken in 9th grade. Im sure over the whole united states it is the same:). Will give best answer to the correct answers. I have the answer, not the solution. I need the solution. Thanks. And please no answer like it depends on what you like to do. Best Answer: Relax and if you dont understand something make sure your instructor goes over with you until you get it.

Screw the other people that do get it right off the bat, make sure you get it. There are different ways you instructor can explain or demonstrate that they might not use if they think everyone is ready to move on.I also liked to look at algebra in terms of it being a puzzle. I even passed some time at work with algebra homework instead of sudoku or other newspaper puzzles.

It consists of expressions.

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