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In a 1992 letter to Canadian humorist John Robert Colombo, science fiction writer Arthur C. The strength of this story is, that this high level of ambiguity might have a similarly strong effect as the most detailed description of a familial tragedy. He won a bet by writing this short story with only six words.However, it has also been considered ambiguous and mysterious since no one knew what Hemingway was thinking while he wrote this.My personal guess is that he was referring to one of his novels.

So it is more like a riddle rather than a standalone story.In Know of a rumor you want investigated. Press related inquiry. Flash, also known as micro, sudden, short-short, postcard, minute, quick, furious, and skinny, is a type of story that has a limited number of words (definitely under 1,000, but in many cases, under 500).

Supposedly, fellow writers challenged him to write a story in only six words. Hemingway, according to legend, won the bet.Of course, the accuracy of this fabled tale is dubious. Of the best shortest story, we have only tales. During a drunken discussion, somebody said that they should write the best and shortest story they could write. They all had stories.

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