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Benjamin Kunkel The AnthropoceneThe outsized role of human societies in determining the complexion of earthly existence will persist long after the capitalist mode of production has expired. More. Tony Wood Russia and the WestThe Russians quickly realised that avenues for cooperation between Moscow and Nato were alternatives to membership, rather than stepping stones to it.

November kicked off with several major releases this week. Marvel relaunched Avengers, debuted their new Foolkiller and Unworthy Thor comics and brought Death of X closer to its finale. Her first novel, A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, was a unique self-published sci-fi novel that blew up in popularity.

Your neighbours beheaded, the terror of the religious police: in this extract from a new book, a Syrian activist, interviewed below, records the horror in his cityThe Raqqa Diaries: life under Isis rule. Make America great again. Take back control. From politics to culture, we have been gripped by a wave of nostalgia. Storie.

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