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At Brown, the Department of Comparative Literature is distinct in its conviction that literary research and instruction must be international in character, and its undergraduate and graduate programs are considered among the finest in the country. The program is fleWelcome to the Department of Comparative Literature. In this era of global exchange, we offer a far-reaching scholarly enterprise that strengthens cultural connections among people and societies, and bridges disciplines.

Members of this department approach literature and culture across a wide range of time periods, media, and languages. Recent projects have taken graduate students and faculty to Algeria, Argentina, Chile, China, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Palestine, Russia, Spain, and Turkey.

Our current undergraduates have conducted research in France, Ghana, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Spain, Tanzania, and the United Kingdom, among other locales. Here on the Princeton campus, we sponsor lecture series, conferences, publications, internships, and research opportunities at every level. Many of these programs are supported by our genGENERAL GUIDELINES FOR INDEPENDENT WORKINDEPENDENT WORK SCHEDULE FOR 201-2017OVERVIEW OF THE PROCESSFINDING A TOPICADVISINGEDITIONS AND THE BIBLIOGRAPHYINITIAL RESEARCHTHE PROSPECTUS AND ITS GOALSINITIAL FEEDBACKINTEGRATION OF MATERIALS INTO THE ARGUMENTPACING, PLANNING, REVISIONSRESOURCES FOR WRITING AND RESEARCHSUBMISSION OF THE FINAL COPYGRADING CRITERIAGENERAL GUIDELINES FOR INDEPENDENT WORKIn order to complete their independent work, undergraduate students in Comparative Literature write two papers over the course of their junior year, and they devote themselves to a thesis for the better part of their senior year.

The department accepts candidates for the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy. The department is a part of the Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages.The field of Comparative Literature provides students the opportunity to study imaginative literature in a wide array of contexts: historical, formal, theoretical, and more. I argue that these plays form a shared lexicon in response to regional economic and political challenges.

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