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There are still many important steps to take before you can begin writing professionally. Practice is imperative to writing a successful short story. Remember that your first work is what sets your reputation. Like everything else, publishing has been changing rapidly as a result of the digital age. We consider our writers our main assets, and attribute our grand success completely to them.

Short stories are having a revival in the digital age. Allen, author of seven comic mysteries and co-author of How to Be a Writer in the E-Age: A Self-Help Guide, written with Catherine Ryan Selling your short stories to paying markets is exciting, but if you are looking to earn extra cash through story sales, be prepared for a long and unprofitable journey. Short story markets are highly competitive, and many are overwhelmed by hundreds to thousands of submissions each month. Genre markets, such as fantasy, science fiction and mystery consider five cents per word a professional pay rate.

The heyday of the short story was the 1930s to the 19s.Once television became entrenched as a source of entertainment, magazines no longer published as many short stories, nor did they pay as much for them. And why again, since I have touched on this at various times in various ways in various posts. Well, as I sit here in my office at WMG Publishing, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, my wife, just finished a workshop with 17 writers upstairs, working with them on varied aspects of mystery.

If you are having trouble with thinking about making money with your fiction, that post might be worth the read even though I wrote it two plus years ago.

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