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While the Lutheran Confessions specifically did not define a canon, it is widely regarded as the canon of the Lutheran Church. His hope was that the church would change some of its practices and doctrines he felt were not right. The Catholics, however, did not appreciate his criticisms (to put it mildly) and soon excommunicated him. His efforts, along with others, were the catalysts for what is called the Protestant Reformation.Several religious and other kinds of encyclopedias offer various explanations regarding why Martin Luther (at least during part of his life) did not like the book of James.

AM Anfang schuff Gott Himel vnd Erden. John 3:1 in other translationsThe Luther Bible is a German language Bible translation from Hebrew and ancient Greek by Martin Luther. But the man who started the Protestant Reformation, the famous Martin Luther, said just that. Therefore St. This is his preface to James and Jude. Now in green are some comments that Luther originally made that were in editions of his Bible prior to 1530.

After 1530, the first comments in Green were removed. The second comments in green made by Luther were replaced by other comments that are in maroon in the editions after 1530. I do not give commentary, but I think that Luther speaks for himself: He does not consider James Scripture, even if the book was in his Bible.

The Deuterocanonical books were also in his Bible. It really is amazing how frequently this citation appears. It is usually brought forth as proof one must believe an infallible church authored an infallible list of infallible books. Paul and all the rest of Scripture in ascribing justification to works. Paul teaches to the contrary that Abraham was justified apart from works, by his faith alone, before he had offered his son, and proves it by Moses in Genesis 15.

This is something beyond dispute. I have found though that those who chastise Luther on his rejection of James tend to ignore the many statements in which he questions the book because of authorship. For Luther, the book was not written by an apostle, but rather a later Christian. He repeats this often, and also notes others before him did as well.Luther detractors tend to focus on his statements asserting a contradiction between James and Paul.

The most popular passage comes from his preface to the book of James.

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