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CLARA-WSlope Stability Analysis in 2 or 3 dimensions has retired.Newlicences will therefore no longer be issued. We will,however,continue supporting existing licences as outlined in the LicenceAgreement. A program with similar capabilities and someimprovementshas been developed by SoilVision Systems Ltd. You can receive furtherinformation on the following site: remains active.

Thank you for your support of oursoftware.CLARA-W,a Windows version of thethree-dimensional slope stability program, was released in July,2001. Although similar in concept to its DOS predecessor,which has been in use for more than a decade, this is a totally newprogram with a number of powerful capabilities for both 3D and 2Danalysis. These surfaces can then be used in TSLOPE to define a potential failure surface for application in fully 3D stability analysis.

Arbitrary cross sections can be constructed through the model to enable comparison with more traditional 2D analysis.Analyse your potential failure surfaces using TSLOPE and gain insights into the effects on slope behaviour that can only be gained with true 3D analysis. The programs encompass soil and rock slope stability, limit equilibrium and finite element analysis, and 2D and 3D modeling. RS 3 can be used for soil and rock slope stability analyses. Using the automated Shear Strength Reduction feature, the factor of safety for different slopes can be determined.

Slope support can also be modeled. The stability of open pits has come under increased scrutiny in the past decade as existing open pits attempt to go deeper and larger to extend the useful life of the mine. Such an extension of open pits raises issues related to the stability of pit sidewalls and what factor of safety (FOS) is reasonable to allow safe working conditions. Reid,Sarah B. Christian,Dianne L. Brien,and Scott T. Henderson.

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