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I have just finished a section of lessons on writing a summary and paraphrasing. I have just finished doing this lesson with my high level classes and they really got into it. This is the second in a mini series of Business English Lessons I gave to my high level students. It is taken from my text book so I am unable to share the whole lesson, however there are many ideas and activities you could use in your own lesson. The lesson is about SWOT analysis, which is a tool that businesses use to analyse business ideas.

The lesson has the studI have just finished a section of lessons on writing a summary and paraphrasing. Cut out each sentence and give each group in you class a set of cut out sentences. The students then have to match the paraphrased sentence with the original quote.This then leads into this activity.Paraphrasing Quotes.With the classroom split into groups I showed the students a famous quote in the board.

I then gave the students three minutes to think of as many ways to paraphrase the quote as possible. The group thaEnglish lesson plans for learners of English as a second or foreign language. Each lesson provides an introduction, step by step teaching guidelines and printable student worksheets. These resources break down the writing process into manageable components for all levels of students. Please email me if you would like to contribute to this board, please join the Secondary English Teachers Facebook group and PM Meredith from Bespoke ELA.

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