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By the late 19s, Lake Erie had become so polluted that Time magazine described it as dead. Bacteria levels in the Hudson River were 170 times above the safe limit. I can attest to the state of the Charles River in Boston. While sailing in the 1970s, I capsized and had to be treated by a dermatologist for rashes caused by contact with the germ-laden waters. Then the law was undermined and made toothless by two Supreme Court decisions.The Supreme Court Acts QuestionablySolid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County v.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (SWANCC) (in 2001) and Rapanos v. United States (in 200), the Supreme Court ignored congressional intent and narrowed its definition of the scope of waters covered by the Act. EPA benefits from outside expertise, product development, and funding to develop solutions that can be rapidly applied to environmental problems. The public benefits from these agreements because new technologies reach the market quickly.

Read the Full Clean Water ActThe Protection and Restoration Program focuses on the Clean Water Act because the Act truly embraces — in fact relies on — active citizen participation. Take our OnliThe Environmental Protection Agency rates more than half of US waterways as being in poor condition. But in recent decades, some lakes and rivers have undergone dramatic recoveries, thanks to local, state, and federal restoration efforts.

Dredging efforts completed in 2008 successfully removed more than 30,000 cubic yards of contaminated sediment. The AsOn DCBureau are a story and timeline about the history of the Clean Water Act and the efforts to undermine it. Together they show an incremental, well-funded, organized campaign to weaken the law. On the 40th Anniversary of the Act, it is important to remember that environmental laws enjoyed bipartisan support for years. Weakening environmental regulations through the Congress and courts will have lasting, irreversible results.Read in The New York Times about Russell E.

Train, a Republican who spent a lifetime protecting the environment:Russell E. Train, Conservationist Who Helped Create the E.P.A., Dies at 92.

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