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While writing an essay for an English class may seem overwhelming, it does not have to be. If you give yourself plenty of time to plan and develop your essay, then you will not have to stress about it. Set aside time to write. You cannot write an essay in 10 minutes. Sit down and write. Courtesy is the gift of treating others with warmth and respect. It means according dignity to people by being considerate, responsive, and kind in our dealings with them.

Courtesy costs nothing but pays a lot in return. This type of men remain s very popular among his friends and relatives. Everybody have willingness to help him in the time of need.These well behaved courteous people are the foundation of good society and nation. This lack in courtesy not only is a lack of politeness to others, it also deals with ones lack of respect for themselves and human lives. There are several different types of respect and common courtesy. The way you treat yourself and the way that you treat others.

On a normal day, I encounter at least 100 people. These people do not have to be people that I talk to, just merely someone that I look directly into the eye. Of these one hundred individuals, only 20% looked at me and smiled or said hi. That equips you for a higher quality life which you deserve. The individual will gain favour in the sight of people who they interact with or meet during the course of there life. In their raw form, they are not shiny at all.

Refinement consists of subduing the tendencies to slovenliness, crudeness, bluntness, nerviness and gaudiness. It encourages good manners, kindness, courteousness, considerateness, propriety and gentility. Student essaysseen as a mad, insane and a psychopath who spends her time trying to take her revenge on all men. This makes the reader feel sympathy for Miss Havisham in. many ways such as feeling sorry for her.

It is also about obsessive love gone wrong.

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