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GangplankHQFor any given job opening, HR personnel and hiring managers aredeluged with resumes. Years ago we were taught to write our resumes in a very stiff, formal way. Many career placement offices and career advisors still teach people to describe themselves like this:Results-oriented professional with a bottom-line orientation.

Motivated self-starter experienced in leading cross-functional teams.This is a horrible way to talk about yourself. The site allows each person to create a profile that can serve at as an online resume and minimal portfolio. You can make your LinkedIn profile stand out by ensuring that the basics of your profile are rock solid, and then going the extra mile to make it exemplary.

Add a professional profile picture to catch the eye of recruiters. Your profile picture must be professional in order to give a good first impression. If you have use a profile picture that is inappropriate or silly, recruiters will probably remove you from their candidate list immediately. When choosing a profile picture, remember to choWhen all things are equal among a handful of resumes, what can you do to make yours stand out from those of your competitors.

Or that you delivered a project 5 months ahead of schedule. These types of statistics make hiring managers take notice. Put that info in your email or when necessary a cover letter.Summary: In a paragraph sum up the total of your best qualities (example: Accomplished, Versatile Technology Consultant with over 13 years of experience. Industry strengths relevant to: Healthcare Information Technology and Small business technology. Your resume will most likely compete against other competent applicants.

Your resume should be aesthetically easy to scan, download and upload. This will save the hiring manager time from having to re-format your resume when printing out a hard copy. However more than just avoiding those mistakes it is important to know how to present your resume.Over the years recruiting for my team, helping friends with their resume, and working on my own resume one important lesson I have learnt is that a resume should be a quick snapshot of what you have achieved in your professional life.

A resume that lists responsibilities is nothing but a job description of your previous position.

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