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Disambiguation here.My Java Notes here.More Java applets here.August 17, 2009:Better explanations will follow on a later date.For now, just a few remarks.The Object choice. Here presented only vertices, edges and faces.So to imagine a 4D cube, we must also see a volumes. It is difficult because off it is not a 3D model in 3D space, it is a projection onto the flat 2D screen of your device.All computations and visualization done with aid of self-made 4d library for PovRay ( )May be someday I make a 3D version of this animation.There are many questions about the music, so here is a linkThe Lotus Flower by Isisip.

It is a regularpolytope with mutually perpendicularsides, and is therefore an orthotope. To use the interactive versions,your browser must support WebGL, and you must have JavaScript enabled inyour browser. Check if yourbrowser has these things enabled.On each othe linked pages there will be a large image, which is a 3Dversion of the object. You can rotate it by clicking in on the pictureand dragging your mouse to a new location.

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