Child called it summary chapter 3

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As a small child, Dave becomes mischievous, and his mother starts to punish him. He becomes afraid of her. Her behavior changes entirely. The punishments become severe: she would smash his face against a mirror and verbally abuse him. His brothers do not receive the same severe treatment. On one occasion Dave is sent by his mother to search for something. He forgets what he is supposed to be looking for and asks her.

She responds by hitting him in the face, making his nose bleed. She often sends him on fruitless searches to find things, and she cIn chapter 3 he is told why he was a bad boy. He explains how his mother changed from a really nice women to a wicked witch. His punishments were getting tougher and more frightening. She would do that a lot because she wanted him to think that, then after a while he actually started to think that he was a very bad child.

Another day David came home and she went to jerk his arm to go to the mirror and she jerked it so hard she broke his arm. He was saying how surprisingly wonderful his childhood used to be. He described how his mother used to go all out for the holidays. She decorated the house and gave presents and told stories to her three sons and her husband. Every summer she would plan an amazing vacation with her family. Dave Pelzer lived in a world of starvation, cruelty, and torture from the age of four until his rescue by courageous school officials at the age of twelve.

Mother began by disciplining Dave in ways other mothers might, by putting him in a corner of his bedroom. Mother began spending the majority of her day on the couch watching television when Father was not home, neither bothering with her clothing or makeup. Mother also spent a great deal of time drinking. When putting Dave in the corner no longer appeared to work, Mother started the mirror treatment.

Then, Dave would have to.(read more from the Chapter 3, Bad Boy Summary) This section contains 1,057 words(approx. She started to yell at them, losing her nurturing voice. As a small child, David gets into mischief. One day he forgot what he was searching for and when he timidly asked her, Catherine punched him in the face without taking her eyes from the television.

David also says he can tell it will be a bad day bChapter 1It is early morning and Dave is trying to deal with his angry mother, who hits him in the face because he has taken too long washing the dishes. She hits him again and then storms out of the kitchen. Suffering from a hangover, his mother drives him and his older brother to school. She tells him to tell the school administrators that he ran into a door. At school, a nurse examines Dave, not for the first time, noting the bruises on his face and arms.

When he says he ran into a door, the nurse points out that he said that the previous Monday. Dave changes his story, saying he was playing baseball and accidentally got hit with a bat. Dave takes off his old, torn clothes and the nurse examines him further. His teeth are chipped from having had his head slammed down on the kitchen counter top. Buy Study Guide SummarySummer went badly for Dave, as he constantly ran to the garage or the basement to escape his mother.

Things were better when school started again, and he continued to make excuses for his bruises and his unwashed clothes.

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