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And most fit into one of three categories. First, the goody two shoes, this student always studies, offers to answer questions in class and is generally the one everybody goes to for answers. Lastly, you have the epitome of mediocre, the average student, not really accepted by either of the above two this student will do his assignments most of the time, sleep minimally and participate sometimes, but not to much. These three archetypes of the student tend to make up a majority of schools.

Eventually as these school-goers mature into adults they will follow the sA classification essay will break a large subject into categories for the purpose of analysis. Writing a successful classification essay will challenge your ingenuity in seeing connections between things.The number of categories we work with and how elaborately we describe each category will determine the pace of our essay.

Breaking things down too fine will clog the machinery of our essay. Describing or defining one particular category for too long will unbalance the load, and our readers will lose track of our strategy and intent.The ordeContinue reading.Open DocumentYou have just graduated from high school and passed the Standard Academic Test. It is most likely you will encounter three types of college students on your campus.

The three types of college students are usually called the jocks, the nerds, and the normal people. The reason for this essay is to clear up some concepts regarding the three types of college students.One group, The Jocks, is the show-off type of people who puts off their homework assignments until the last minute. Once the assignment is completed at the last minute, the assignment is usually scored a low grade. The reason for this is because the jocks are always partying, going out on dates, or having fun with their sorority.

The holidays are coming. Just thinking about shopping, traffic, anddealing with Christmas cards may make some people try to avoid the hassle offamily get-togethers. Hopefully, there are a variety of characters that arrivefor the holidays to share company and a cup of hot cocoa. There is nothing this person doesnot know about. Parenting. No problem. Even if childless, he or she will giveinstructions, loudly, to Mom iStudent classification refers to the familiar names for the four undergraduate years: freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior.

Additional links for this page. Thesis Statement: College students come from all different types of backgrounds. Regardless of their origins, college students come in all shapes and sizes and each easily identifiable from a mile away.A. Direct high school graduates1. appearance2. attitude3. lifestyleB. You are lucky indeed as you just came across these 70 inspirational classification essay ideas that will make your papers rock.

Yes, believe it or not, every dance style has an interesting inception story like this. There are different dance forms in which rhythm, tempo and body movements differ from one another. Some of most popular dancing styles right now are ballet, hip hop, tap dance and jazz. Dance, thus, can be classified based on the style of dancing. Ballet is mainly a classical dance form that serves as a backbone of the other dancing styles.

The ballet dancers perform a story through conventional ballet moves, scenery, theme or atmosphere. This theatrical art form commenced its journey in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century. Whereas jazz is a contemporary dance style that carries a controversial history. Some would claim that jazz is an American creation, but it hClassification Essay Kinds Of College StudentsThesis Statement: College students come from all different types of backgrounds.

A Successful College Student. EssayA Successful College StudentSuccessful means accomplishing or achieving an aim or a goal, a purpose. A College is. an educational institution which can gain knowledge by students. Student can further their education at college after graduated from high school o.

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