Extracting strawberry dna at home

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Key conceptsDNAGenomeGenesExtractionLaboratory techniquesIntroductionHave you ever wondered how scientists extract DNA from an organism. Overall, DNA tells an organism how to develop and function, and is so important that this complex compound is found in virtually every one of its cells. Each cell has an entire copy of the same set of instructions, and this set is called the genome.

In this episode we are extracting the DNA from a strawberry. We will show you how to mix a solution that will take apart the strawberry cells and release the DNA from inside them. Strawberries have a large amount of DNA compared to humans and we can easily extract it and pull it out of our solution with tweezers. For example, they can put human genes into bacteria to make new medicines.How do scientists take DNA out of a living thing.

You can follow the directions in the video above to get DNA out of a strawberry. Or you can follow the steps below.

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