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And this is hard. Silvia does wonders in dispelling myths about writing. Please include your IP address in your email. How to Write a Scientific Paper: A Reading ListTung-Tien Sun, NYU School of MedicineIf given an identical set of data, different investigator will write papers that can be drastically different in their effectiveness in delivering the messages. A good scientific writer can explain his data more clearly and effectively, and make it easier for the readers to appreciate the importance of his findings.

What are the tricks. Now in its fourth edition, this small book has become a classic. Better writing will benefit your science career in several ways. Within the scientific community, improved communication leads to improved collaboration, easier access to cross-disciplinary knowledge, and faster, less painful training.

Besides this, you will be able to communicate better not only with other researchers, but with the public, who funds your research. If scientEnglish is the language of science and you need to master it to progress in your scientific career. Scientific writing for non-native English speakers is one of the biggest struggles when writing a scientific paper. It means that you need to test your capabilities, even if you make mistakes along the way.

Writing is hard.

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