3d objects in photoshop elements

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Photoshop combines the individual slices of the file into a 3D object that you can manipulate in 3D space and view from any angle. You can apply various 3D volume render effects to optimize the display of various materials Open a photo in the Photo Editor.Use a photo featuring a skyline, building, landscape, or some similar kind of content. You can try this method on different photos to see the effect applied to your favorite images.Open the More pop-up menu in the Panel Bin at the bottom of the panel and choose Customize.

Tabs for the different panels appear at the top of the Panel Bin. As you drag, the cursor in the circle moves. You can also move the selection after creating it by placing the cursor inside the circle Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop Elements Tutorial How To take andy subject or person, isolate them from the background and create a stunning custom 3d Effect.

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