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Teaching students to appreciate literature and analyze it critically is an important part of being a high school teacher. Having students create a book project enables them to read the text and respond to it in creative ways. The projects are fun and educational, and students have many project options, from writing a paper to designing a visual representation of a book. There are several book project ideas on the website for Teach Net the demonstrate how effective they are in learning about literature.

Students should be assigned a book (or choose a book) and critically look at its characters, plot and language. Special attention should be paid to what they like about the book, what conflict is presented and what the resolution entails. Biography Book Report Ideas Project Biography Teaching Biography Biography Books Teaching Writing Teaching Social Composer Biographies Composer Project Biography Reports For Kids ForwardFun idea for a research project, biography, book report, etc.

See More. Rubrics Evaluatons Checklist Rubrics Project Rubrics Teaching Rubrics Assessments Book Review Rubric Book Report Rubric Book Report Ideas Book Report Projects ForwardBook Report Project Rubric. I could change this to fit upper article article reviews.I need to play with this. For more information about this project, visit this page: See More.

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