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DNA Matching Service in PakistanIn Pakistan the first ever DNA forensic laboratory is working under FIA (forensic investigation Agency) where DNA matching service is available. The main mandate of FIA is to investigate and those some professional mandate included in FIA Pakistan where DNA matching service is practiced are:Investigation of specialized and organized crime through DNA matching, immigration and anti-smuggling check through DNA matching technique, personal identification secure comparison and evaluation system (PISCES) computerized control on entry and exit, Automated Finger Prints Identification system (AFIS) by DNA matching, National Criminal Database is collected through which DNA matching is easy to access.The DNA laboratory where DNA matching service in Pakistan is available has been established by the National Police Bureau under National Forensic Science Programme (NFSLahore, Pakistan Immigration DNA TestUKBA, British Embassy in Pakistan Accredited Results in 3-5 Business DaysDNA Worldwide specialise in helping people around the world gain immigration into the UK with many clients coming from Islamabad, Pakistan.

No matter where you are located our dna testing services provide you with a confident and secure way to succeed in your immigration case.Results take 3-5 working days for Paternity testing and 5-10 working days for more complex cases. The process is painless and only requires a Doctor to wipe the swab on the inside of your cheeks for a few seconds. This is then sent to our lab via courier for the DNA testing where your DNA will be compared with your relative to show youCENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL, ATLANTA, GEORGIA USA HAS IMPLEMENTED SCREENING FOR GONOCOCCAL INFECTION AS A PART OF THE U.S.

MEDICAL EXAMINATION. Aziz Medical Center is authorized by Cellmark UK laboratory to collect samples on their behalf. The DNA sample collection kits are sent by the lab. These kits are specific for the specific cases. Please contact us for a consultation, we will provide you experienced, dedicated and friendly service. The National Institute of Justice of the USA, spreading over an area of 100,000 sq ft, was completed in more than three years.

The Thokar Niaz Beg laboratory is being set up over an area of 170,000 sq ft and as a challengDNA Immigration Testing in Pakistan for CANADA,UK,USA and Other CountriesClients contact us for DNA testing services to prove biological ties to USA, UK, Australia, Canada citizens who are sponsoring for immigration to AUSTRALIA, CANADA, ITALY, SPAIN, USA, UK. Our Paternity tests and other family relationship tests produce 100% accurate results that routinely exceed the immigration DNA testing requirements of different countries.Our Qualified staff is dedicated to working with immigration lawyers, solicitors and their clients.Through Genetic testing, we can provide the proof of biological relationship needed to satisfy the requirements of USA Immigration Department, USA Embassy, Entry Clearance Officers (ECOs) at the British High Commission, British Embassies, and the Immigration and Nationality Directorate (IND), Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), NATA accredited and accepted b, but it is only recently that the cost of genetic testing has finally come down into the realm of possibility for the average individual interested in tracing their roots.

So far, stool DNA tests are most likely to only detect cancer once it has formed — not when it is still in the precancerous stage. At the heart of DNA testing is the molecule DNA. It carries our genetic code anddetermines traits from eye colour to aspects of our personalities. Happy National DNA Day.

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