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The Report CardbyAndrew ClementsPUBL. Fifth grader Nora is a terrible student, but she has a secret. Nora is actually a genius who has taught herself another language and secretly takes an MIT astronomy classes online. But the way the main character goes about it is questionable at best, raising even more issues -- giftedness, protest, rebellion, and achievement. Nora is a genius, but since early childhood she has hidden that fact from both teachers and family.

So she goes underground, keeps her giftedness to herself, and tries to fit in. But in fifth grade everything changes.When she sees her best friend feel stupid because he did poorly on the standardized achievement tests, she decides to protest grades by getting low ones. Andrew Clements has used his time-honoured formula for writing books again with The Report Card.It - True or False.

Nora always gets average grades so she can forgo the pressure-cooker gifted program or Brainiac Academy. But when Nora gets one hundred percent fed up over testing and the fuss everyone makes about grades,. The Report Card. She takes college-level astronomy courses online and taught herself to understand Spanish by watching television.

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